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A range of stylish cables to suit thousands of devices and tastes

COPEL offer a wide range of patterns and colours, allowing you freedom to express your style.


Our cables work with every Apple iPod or iOS device, as well as thousands of other devices that use the MicroUSB standard.


Extra Length

All COPEL Cables are 2 metres in length, allowing maximum usability whilst charging.


Copel HQ

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After employing the services of a few local heroes, our new office is (sort-of) complete! With 1 month of solid work behind us, we have finally transformed an old barn into a hub of dreams and creativity. What was once an unusable storage site is now a beautiful space for the Copel family to design cool new products and manage day to day operations. Compete with a kitchen, 2 sofas and an office set-up this is the perfect space from which to toil away the hours, tinkering on projects. Of course, no office can be complete without a second hand Fußball table!

Copel Testing

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At Copel, all our cables are hand tested. Yes that’s right, pain-stakingly tested by hand to ensure we are providing absolute quality. Once the cables are delivered from our manufacturing plants, they are removed from their shipping packaging and tested one by one for charge and functionality. With less than a 0.5% failure rate, we can be confident that every cable will live up to their billing as the best cables in the world! Every cable that doesn’t make it through the testing phase is thrown out of the production process and placed in the cable orphanage. We laid out some of our stock before the testing process and worked out it equivocated to over 4k worth of cable… If you ever have any feedback about our cables, we’d love to hear from you! Find us on Twitter, instagram and Facebook and show us some love..

Copel Cart

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Finally we can reveal the new Copel Cart! This 1 litre, turbo-charged monster is an absolute handful. Taking itself up to a top speed of 87mph and a 0-60 of 20 seconds, it’s no wonder the ladies are swarming for a ride. The Copel Cart doubles as a beach buggy with it’s fully removable roof on the odd occasion that sunlight bursts through the English clouds. With our first commercial success earlier in the year, we were lucky enough to purchase our very own sticker plotting machine which has already gone to good use branding up the Copel Cart!

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COPEL Cables: A New Hope

In early 2013, a set of twins had a dream. A dream to break out of their life of strife and poverty. After persuading the banks to part with their money, the boys set about creating the best consumer electronics company know to man and Copel was born!

Bored of the bleak and bland manufacturer phone chargers, the boys set about creating some unique products that would both excite and look like it was meant for this century. The products also had to be high quality and durable. With this brief, the Copel Cable range was created offering customers premium quality USB charge cables for all their mobile devices.

Gone are the days of bland white cable for your compulsory fashion accessory, we are starting a multicoloured cable revolution.

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